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Hello Stranger No More

Hello Stranger No More

I have started travelling for several years now, but it’s only been a year that I have started officially documenting my experiences through this travel blog.  A year of many firsts I’d say.  And looking back I have come to know better the stranger residing with me for several decades now.She was with me when my fascination in riding in a big white ship came to reality. That was back in 2007 when my first travel down to the city of smiles was etched permanently in my mind and more so in my heart. I remember wearing my goofiest smile upon stepping on the ladder towards my window-seat assignment.  Forgetting the number one thing on my bucket list back then: pee in the plane rest room!

Before boarding Superferry 19

She was with me when first I experienced, together with a friend, camping over night at the foot of Majayjay Falls in Laguna. She never left me when I felt the beings of the other world slowly enveloping us in the deepening cold in that quiet January night. She was with me when we found out the next morning that it was actually just the two of us who camped at that time.  

She was with me when I first experienced being totally stripped off of my valuables in a trip! All my travel money and mobile phone were stolen. It was a pretty good thing I wasn’t travelling alone or I was pretty sure I would cry in the middle of strangers. She was with me when I felt discouraged about this untoward incident. But she never failed in reminding me that things like this happen in travels. I just have to learn to take it lightly and be positive always.

She was with me when I experienced my first
top-loading ride. It felt just perfect and right. It seemed I was the king, or more appropriately, the queen of the world!

She was with me when I was shouting praises at the sight of the perfect
Mayon. Wondering with me how such a perfect creation was even existing.  She was with me when I caught sight of the gentle giant swimming lazily in the shores of Donsol, with my travel buddy-friends shouting at the top our lungs, crazed at the sight of its swishing enormous tail.

She was with me when I was jumping up and down as I piously chronicled my love of old houses in the city of Iloilo. Just like me, she was at a tremendous awe upon standing beside the amazing church of Miag-Ao.

She was also with me when I had my meet and greet with the yummy chocolatey hills of

She was with me when I wandered at one place to another in downtown Tacloban. She also cried with me upon reading the marker in Mr. MacArthur’s landing site in
Palo, remembering our forefather’s ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

She was with me in the many travels I have in the past. And I am glad she will be with me as I slowly uncover her secrets, one at a time. 
I will leave it to you to know who She is. Stranger before yes. But now, Hello Stranger no more.This post is my entry to the Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival for September 2012. The theme for this month’s carnival is: Hello Stranger. This month’s blog carnival is hosted by Ron Cruz and Monette Fernandez of FlipTravels.com

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