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Random Manila Shots

Random Manila Shots

My friends and I never get tired of visiting the walled city. This time it was different. Because of the current pandemic, there were less but more cautious tourists. It was a nice change from the usual crowded streets of Old Manila.

Truly, the old world will never lose its charm. I am hoping that the low-key tourism will help re-invigorate the people’s interest to visit one’s place. We don’t need to travel far to re-discover our country right?

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Chinatown at dusk. Lovely isn’t it? #chinatown #binondo #dmermaidtravels

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I miss traveling to the provinces. I miss riding in an airplane. I miss the rush of going to the airport. Of packing the night before a long trip. However, this short sojourn to Manila was a welcome break from my lonely thoughts and life’s heartbreaks. It was so great seeing her in a new light with my closest friends. We checked out Lagusnilad and the Grand Cafe 1919. The latter was not really planned but we had shared tons of laughs.

The newly constructed Jones Bridge
My friends and I always took great precaution in our meetings. Remember, we can not stop living a beautiful life just because of a virus.

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