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That Big World Out There

Dear Readers,

Every once in a while we dream of a dream that we only dream of. Like a little kid idolizing Iron Man, running around inside his brightly lit room like there’s no tomorrow, with a red metal suit and all. To a little kid’s mind, it is the only world out there. But to a traveler like me, the world does not exist in only one place.

As I pack my bag, making sure everything that I need for a two-week trip is in my 50-liter hot pink, North Face backpack, I can not recall how many times I have unpacked and packed yet again (#laughing). I do not know if it is mere out of nervousness or excitement, or simply just the logical pre-trip jitters every wanderer must sure feel.

I recall almost a year ago, I was dreaming of conquering that big world out there the soonest possible time. I was sorely focused on introducing myself to every province our beautiful Philippines has produced. But then, I told myself, why not conquer her and the rest world at the same time. I can do it. I sure know I can.

It is quite hard to plan a trip. With work and personal stuff to take care of, I sure had experienced headaches due to long hours of surfing the net. Shopping for the cheapest accommodation and catching seat air fares. Endless staring at google maps almost made me think that I have already been to Bugis Station in Singapore and already saw the Petronas Towers in Malaysia! (#laughing again). But I would pinch and re-convince myself that the feeling of actually being there can never compete with  by just looking at their photos, be it a National Geographic-worthy shot or not.

Now fast forward in the present, as you are reading this entry, I may already be taking out my camera and taking multiple night shots of the Singapore skyline. Two weeks is two weeks that will never be replaced by time.

It will only be replaced by memories: etched, stacked, pasted, permanently written in my heart and mind.

Happy and safe travels!

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