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5 Places To Go Even If It’s Raining

A guest post by Ms Ann Joy Perez

Kind of stuck in your home when raining? You don’t need to stress yourself out and just sit beside your window pane to feel the pain of not having any idea where to go. It’s just rain and believe me,  you won’t multiply when you try to go outside. Read through this article to have some ideas where to go while the god of thunder enjoys his work.

Here are some of the places where you can spend your rainy days with a smile on your face.
One, two, three or more movies could help you forget about the weather outside. You can also do a movie marathon inside your home, but it would be better if you sometimes treat yourself into a movie house after all those work or with all those boredom. As a suggestion, enjoy thev different genres of movies in a day: action, romance, sci-fi, horror or comedy.  You may also want to call some of your friends or someone vary special to watch the movie with you.

Going to a science museum is not that expensive. It’s like you’re only buying a peer-size pizza or one branded shirt. Good thing about it, you’ll get to see some things you don’t usually encounter in your daily routine, and as an addition, you will get to learn new things.  Go to a science museum which allows visitor interaction. –where visitors can actually touch and play with the displays.

If you enjoy outdoor go-kart racings, you’ll definitely love indoors as well. The more, the merrier. This could be a very nice bonding moment for you and your friends or with your family.  If you haven’t tried it before, then might as well try this now. You’ll surely enjoy it!

Miss climbing? Then do it indoors. There are lots of areas where indoor wall climbing are being offered. You’ll feel the same as doing it outside. Same gears, stamina and outfit but just different ambience.  You can enjoy it alone or with your friends. It is also a good exercise for your mind, heart and muscles. Don’t forget to drink lots of water or sports drink.

This game boosted up its popularity over a small span of time. It only means, it is a  fun game to play! Invite your friends or bring your family to enjoy virtual games with them. The more you are in the team, the more fun and challenging it would be. Plus, you’ll get to move and play in a virtual world where you can imagine and feel being in a more futuristic era.

When it’s raining, you can’t just sing “rain, rain, go away, come again another day…” and then the rain will suddenly stop right there and then. Instead of giving yourself some stress, enjoy it as others do. Grab those umbrellas… or just leave it there and go outside.

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