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The Hustle and Bustle of Travel-Planning

Sometimes I can sit glued on our dining table chair for several hours just staring in front of our laptop, looking at Google maps, airline websites, LGU portals and other travel havens.

I find myself at times compelled to send an inquisitory e-mail to the Tourism Office. At the few events that I actually did, I bid goodbye to my e-mail, waiting for it to get lost in the wired world, consciously admitting that I will never receive a reply (Oh well, at least I did not die not trying). Surely planning a much-awaited event can be a headache and time-consuming at the same time.

So far, here is what I have learned on the basics of planning a travel, Out-of-the-blue or not.

Decide on:

 1 Budget – The type of travel you would like to happen will depend on how much you have for splurging. Have a target. If you are planning on sun-bathing on the beaches of El Nido or just becoming a day-tourist in the heritage town of Taal, knowing how much is needed is definitely the first on your planning list. Better start rendering OTs!

2. Destination – After carefully selecting your budget, going where-to is the next equally important factor. To help you decide, make-up your mind on which location you would like to visit. If money is a problem, let us say, you want to hit the pristine beaches of Amanpulo but you are rather very short on your monies, target a place that is more geographically desirable nd pocket-friendly. Hey! Beaches in Bolinao, Pangasinan have white sand too. Your talent of wild, wild imagination will be of great use!

3. Board and Lodging – This is also one of the deciding factors if your travel plans will pursue. Sometimes we are often frustrated that the posh resort we so badly wanted to visit is full six months well ahead of your desired vacation time. It is always best to ‘shop’ around and look for alternative choices. If you have always been a glam-packer, why not try backpacking for a change? Okay, why not try semi-backpacking? The bonus is this is less expensive, more exciting, more fun, more adventurous,…(okay I will stop before I run out of superlatives). Check out travel blogs, travel magazines (shop for back issues if you are on a budget), ask a friend who have been there, or directly contact the place where you want to stay. Sometimes information over the net or published articles are outdated.

4. Things to bring – If you have chosen ‘No Checked-In’ Baggage in your airline flight, make sure that this is within the assigned weight limit.  If you are backpacking, pack light. Bring only the essentials. This should no longer be explained but it is still an important note. While bringing your 200 ml shampoo bottle will be of free use to all your travel buddies, this is heavy and eats up space in your backpack, invest on sachets and the like.

I am not an expert traveler but the points I have listed above are just the basics of travel-planning that I would like to share. How to have a budget for your travel? What to wear on a surfing adventure? How much to spend for pasalubongs in your travels? Well, these topics are worthy of separate blog entries.


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