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The Cats I Met While In SG-MLY-THAI

Of course, this travel of mine will not be complete without having a photo shoot with a cat-I-met-while-on-the road.  🙂

I did not have that lucky chance to interact with a live cat here. But I was blessed by the heavens when I met Bo’s ancestor curled quietly in a stall along Chinatown.

I named her Mei-Mei. She is from Melaka. I am sorry Mei Mei from having woken you up!   

I had a feast here in Thailand because of the several cats (I thought they were teletubbies actually lol!) I was able to hug, kiss, pinch and make gigil of (heehee). 

They are now all officially part of my
Mga Pusang Gala Club. I did not ask them if they wanted to become a member but in reality they have no choice actually.  #hahaha.

**Total expenses in Philippine Peso for this tri-country journey excluding airfare is 16508.591 Php.

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