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Yes! There Is Still A Manila Zoo

Yes! There Is Still A Manila Zoo

What should have been a sponsored blogging tour turned to an impromptu trip to the zoo! Blogger friend Cris Reyes and I decided to visit Manila Zoo after having our breakfast so as not to waste the day. She told me that the last time she visited the zoo was when she was a very little girl.

I think not many know that Manila Zoo is still in existence. Well, it is still thriving and the local government is making an effort to take good care of the animals residing in the sanctuary.

Cris and me posing at the entrance gates
Manila Zoo’s main attraction: Mali The Elephant

Recently, talks and protests have been made to transfer Mali to Thailand. However, given Mali’s health and age, different sectors are worried that his health might not be able to tolerate the travel.
Manila Zoo entrance rates
Adults: P 40.00
Children below 4 feet: P 20
Children above 4 feet: P 40
Senior Citizens: P 20
If you are lost, just take a look on this map!

How to get here by public transport
Take LRT 1 towards Quirino station.  Manila Zoo is just walking distance from this station. You can also take a taxi/cab from where you are coming from.
Can I bring you home little big kitty?

I was very glad to see those large trees standing tall and protective over the homes of the wild animals. However, some animals I looked for were no longer there. Some areas of the zoo were also closed for renovation. Nevertheless, it still proves to be a popular destination for educational field trips.

Manila Zoo website: http://www.manila.gov.ph/manilazoo.htm

I’d like to thank Cris Reyes for being a sport. After touring Manila Zoo, off we went to our date with Edward Cullen. 

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