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The Oriental Bataan: Your Classy Home in Mariveles

The Oriental Bataan: Your Classy Home in Mariveles

Reaching Bataan from Manila is now faster by the newest ferry service from Manila. With this development, tourists will surely soon flock to this province ready to discover more of its hidden beauty. In a recent trip to Mariveles’ Five Fingers, my friends and I stayed in the town’s classier accommodation called The Oriental Bataan.

        Hotel entrance at night | Photo by Beng Fontiveros

The building where the hotel is now used to be abandoned. Built in the Marcos era, it was said to be designed by National Artist for Architecture Leandro Locsin. The hotel has a unique circular shape and has a total of four floors in the main building. Two floors above and two basement floors. Though guests might find it amusing as they call the lower levels third and fourth floors.

The Oriental Bataan is surrounded by greeneries and towering trees, a plus during summer since Bataan lies in the Central Plains or what we call Region 3. The interiors remind me of a sleepy boutique hotel but with the comforts of a high starred property. Interestingly, unique art works also add in its aesthetics and overall design.

My friends and I stayed in a spacious two bedded room just a few steps from the hotel reception and dining area. It has complete room and bathroom amenities though I must say that they should at least build a partition between the shower and toilet area in the bathroom. Since there was none, water goes to the other side making the overall feel untidy after a shower or after a much-needed pee break.

We always had our stomachs full with a sumptuous buffet breakfast and lovely dinner. We were able to celebrate our three friend’s birthdays with the help of the hotel staff. Our lunch on our last day was served in the Thai-themed restaurant called Cocoon.

                                          Photo by Beng Fontiveros

I definitely deserve a relaxing dining experience after spending a tiring day exploring Mariveles’ #FiveFingers with @bataanweatherpage I’m glad my friends and I got to experience @theorientalbataan’s hospitality and homey appeal. Here I am hanging out at the Thai-themed Cocoon restaurant where mostly mouth watering Asian cuisine are served. #TheOrientalBataan #BeholdBataan #Bataan #BATAANWEATHERPAGE #TheMermaidTravels #hotels

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As the hotel was originally intended for business travelers, it has function rooms which can accommodate large number of guests for special occasions and corporate gatherings. The Bataan Convention Center can actually hold up to a thousand people.

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        Some of the art pieces found in the hotel were made recycled materials | Photo by Beng Fontiveros

The hotel has spacious open spaces perfect for walks and a gymnasium for the fitness buff. As I mentioned earlier, art pieces are scattered all over the property. It also has a large round pool perfect for families with children who loves swimming. Do check out this hotel when you happen to be in Bataan next time! 
The Oriental Bataan
Landline: (047) 612 3930 / (047) 612 3558 / (047) 612 3682
Mobile: 0927 886 8887
Email: bataan-roomsreservation@theorientalhotels.com

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