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Why I Will Never Undo Three Days In ElYu

Why I Will Never Undo Three Days In ElYu

Summer came early when me and my friends traveled north in the now-not-so-sleepy town of San Juan in the province of La Union. Some of them were my long time friends, some were acquaintances while a few of them I met for the very first time. It was early one Saturday when we all saw each other. It was quiet at first and I found myself just talking with the people within my circle. But I knew how it felt to be a ‘newbie’ so when the opportunity came, I striked a conversation with my then new acquaintances who are now, gladly, my friends.

We reached town around noon. It was quite a long drive so we were given time to rest before we had a sumptuous lunch courtesy of Final Option Beach Resort. It has been months since I last saw the beach. But I knew I was in for a great weekend when I felt the air from the sea touch my face. It almost felt romantic even though if it was high noon.

Our second day was our busiest day. After breakfast at the hotel, our group had surfing lessons which lasted about an hour. I chose not to surf so I can help capture the most defining moments of my friends’ surfing career. I first learned to surf six years ago in Camarines Norte and followed that one with another session in Baler, Aurora. I love the waters as I am a mermaid but surfing is definitely for those with a deep love of the ocean. 🙂

My good friend Jherson stood for about five seconds yay! I am so happy and proud of my friend. Surfing lessons at Final Option Beach Resort | Captured by The Mermaid Travels

Ol’ Pub
Urbiztondo, San Fernando, La Union
0929 532 2403

My all-time favorite Filipino dish, SINIGANG! | Photo by Jherson Jaya

We had some downtime after our surfing lessons. And this was when I had the opportunity to transform into the pinkest mermaid. Final Option’s hotel pool waters had just the right temperature. I swam for maybe an hour. Time became more joyful when I was joined by my new and old friends.

We left our hotel for lunch which was served at the hip and cool Ol’ Pub. The dishes served to us were all delicious and filled us for hours! Sinigang was my most favorite after Bistek Tagalog. The restaurant had an ultra chic vibe even at daytime. Rustic accents are seen in every corner of the open air restaurant. An old jeepney was parked at the front which is a very instagrammable spot! Wooden furniture and metallic accents make up the interiors of the place. It has this old American West vibe which I think young people will love.

Spam and Fries partnered with Ketchup and Honey Mustard dip at Php 129 | by Jherson Jaya
Roasted Honey Glazed Chicken | Photo by Jherson Jaya

The Food Project LU

National Hi-way, Brgy. Lingsat
San Fernando, La Union
FB: @thefoodprojectlu
IG: @thefoodprojectlu

That night, we had our dinner at the newly launched The Food Project La Union (opened last March 1). It was the time when we met some of the property and stall owners. I was shy when I first met them since most of them where of different nationalities. But talking with them made me see how they love food (who doesn’t love food?!) and most specially, mi patria adorada. ♥ 

A post shared by Paula O (@dmermaidtravels) on

A post shared by Paula O (@dmermaidtravels) on

Clockwise: Chicken fingers, Barbeque Ribs, Bulgogi and Buttered Shrimp

The Food Project LU is the newest food park in San Fernando, La Union. It showcases a variety of food offerings not found elsewhere in the province (perhaps the country). During our visit, our hosts where gracious enough to open the food park for us so we can sample what they will be offering to the public soon. Each dish was unique. It’s also reasonably priced given the quality of food preparation and taste. Dining here is definitely a must do when in La Union.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls | Photo by Jherson Jaya
L.U. Pokebowl | Photo by Jherson Jaya

To my delight, we were also given a special time to sample the beverages of Cafe Latino one afternoon. 
I am not a coffee lover, but after tasting the different drinks and desserts offered, I think I might change my mind as coffee now reminds me of the beach and hanging out with fun-loving people like them. Coffee is also a strong part of our Filipino culture, it’s no wonder for me how these humble proprietors have found themselves quickly settling down here. Quoting Mr. Fausto Liriano, CEO of RCL Realty & Consulting Services and one of the stall owners, “We wanted to bring in some coffee that we experience in Latin America to the Philippines”. Well yes Mr. Fausto, I liked the coffee and everything in ElYu now. 😀
Artek Wine Yacht
FB/IG: @artekwineyacht

In our second and final night in San Juan, we had light dinner in Artek Wine Yacht. Here we were served cocktails and fine wine. Drinking is not a usual thing for me but I guess I made an exception for this occasion. It had to do with the ambience of the place (cool, hip, chic) but more importantly with the people I was with.

This was also where I think everyone had fun amidst the food and dancing. And speaking of dancing, this was where I rediscovered my love of dancing. Fausto, Yessina and Paco were all good dancers! Latino music was constantly played which made everyone automatically move to the beat. Latin music for me is a good combination of sweetness and sensuality. Take note that Artek has a Salsa Night every Wednesdays. 🙂

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Our whole La Union trip was unforgettable for me. There was no down time. Every moment spent with my friends were filled with crazy laughter and silly jokes. We were laughing as we were comparing our growing tummies and taking notes on how many cute guys there were (ehem)! But of course there’s only one gwapito for me! *wink, wink*

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