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The President Hotel

The President Hotel
The President Hotel is located along the easily-accessible Maramba Boulevard in Lingayen, Pangasinan. It is just a few minutes walk from several tourist attractions like  the Capitol Building, the Urduja House and Lingayen Beach.
The Annex Building is only a couple of minutes
walk from the main building

My friends and I arrived in twos. Me and friend Jherson were the last twosome to check-in. At past three in the morning, I was not expecting that someone would be greeting us at the front desk nor the building would appear so lively. When we asked for assistance in checking in our room, the lone male receptionist promptly left the desk and accompanied us to the annex building about a minute walk from the main complex. 


It shows that an extra mile of effort was being given to us for he could just simply direct us on our own. But then, it shows that they do take extra care of their guests specially those who arrive tired and weary after six hours of being on the road.

Since we were to attend a wedding, a big mirror and a nice bathroom is a must for me. My friend Mai already hugged the bed so I did not have the chance of seeing the room in its original state. However, judging on the photos my friend took, it’s comfortable enough for two.

The bathroom is clean and spacious. A definite plus point. But I think a towel bar can be placed near or inside the shower room. The plumbing should also be checked regularly too as we noticed that the water is always spilling even if we were not taking bath.  A small mirror could also be put by the sink for us girls. 😉

The room has a big mirror, a cable TV (with a quite a poor reception though), a double bed, side tables, a dresser with hangers and a wooden couch. It would be nicer too if the room also has stand alone chairs that we can use.

We were glad that a water dispenser was just within reach at the hallway. The day was so hot I think we were the ones who gobbled down all the water. Plus, 24/7 room service is just a phone call away!

Complimentary toiletries courtesy of the President Hotel

All in all, I had a more than a decent stay in this hotel. I would not mind staying here once more when I visit Lingayen again. Accommodating staff, reasonable rates and the location is what makes this hotel a great choice of lodging.

compiled by my friend Mai!

Rates as of April 2014

The President Hotel

Capitol Park, Maramba Boulevard, Lingayen, Pangasinan
Email:  pres_hotel@yahoo.com
Phone:  075-5433056 | 0919-872-6846 | 0922-876-8361

***Un-marked photos courtesy of Mai Flores of budgetbiyahera.com 

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