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Bangued, Abra

Bangued, Abra

My second day in Vigan was supposedly allotted to visit the other tourist spots. However, the adventurous me literally burst in excitement as Ed suggested we pay Bangued, Abra a visit. Me? Stepping foot on Abra? Abra? As in the one I was just studying about during grade school? I did not hesitate to say yes.

The lovely Bangued Cathedral

This was an unexpected trip. I remember shouting (I hope Ed did not hear me, haha) my lungs out as we passed by the winding roads with nothing but the color green greeting my eyes. I was a very happy girl. Pardon me but I need to feel Abra.

We were both crazy to lay down on the road.  This is fun.  Try it sometime.
Ed brought me at Calaba bridge.  It reminded me of my trip to
San Juanico Bridge in Leyte.

We also dropped by at a couple of sleepy towns next to Bangued. Lovely old churches greeted us in Tayum and Pidigan.

Tayum Church is a National Culture Treasure aka Santa Catalina de Alejandria

Who would have thought I will be stepping foot on Quintin Paredes’ home in Bangued?
I remember passing by this street in Manila all through my college years.
The old Pidigan Church – a sight to behold for old church lovers like me.

Sadly, the old church is no longer in use. It now only serves as a warehouse of sorts. A new church was built right next to it but would never match the old church’s beauty. I sincerely hope it will be restored to its old glory. 

View of Mt. Sleeping Beauty (as per Ed but I know it is not its official name, lol) 
from the top of Victoria Park.
Bangued does not have many natural attractions, but it definitely has character

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