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My Dream Boy, He Could Be You

My Dream Boy, He Could Be You
So I chose to write this post since this will be the first and the last time I would write such. So please pardon me as I become a bit emotionaI and melo-dramatic. Actually I am always emotional and melo-dramatic. Right Abrbrbr peeps? Lol.  

He could be yellow, lol

I am no longer that young to be as carefree as I want to be but I am not yet too old to give up on the thought of finding my future partner. You see, I used to be in a relationship with one guy for quite some time but he just wasn’t the guy I was seeing myself spending the rest of my life with. Then I met this guy whom I truly cared about but perhaps he is just super kind that God decided He needed more of him in heaven. So He called him back for all eternity.

My dream boy. He is someone whose values are intact. Whose mind is as pure as the heavens above. (You see? I’m already rhyming!) He is someone who will go to my home and ask permission from my parents to court me, in Pinoy terms, aakyat ng ligaw. I don’t believe in whirlwind courtships. Courtships done through posts in Facebook (parinig) or via SMS are truly a turn-off for me.  


My dream boy. He is honest about his true intentions and will never leave a girl hanging for a long time. He will not use her for his own concerns but will make her feel special all the time. My dream boy gives flowers, serenades, loves surprises. Not because he is inclined to but because he wants to. My dream boy would like to see me happy. Yes, just like in the movies. Cheesy right? But that is my dream boy for me.

My dream boy. He need not be tall, dark and handsome. Heck, he may even be fat, freckled and oh-so-white! All he needs to be is someone to make me feel secure emotionally. He is the type who will hold my hands without showing that he feels uncomfortable. He is the type who snuggles and the type who reads. A deep-thinker and has a wide expanse of interests. We share the same passion and knowledge. Does a guy like this still exist?  I am sincerely praying so.


My dream boy. He would embrace me as I am. Pamper me at times but know that I am also an independent woman. My dream boy would be my partner and not just my future husband. He will be my protector, my guide, my best friend and lover all rolled into one.

My dream boy. He will be my traveling companion. We will watch together as the sun sets in the west and dream about the future as the sun rises in the east. We will find ourselves traveling until our feet can no longer take us where we want to go. He will be by my side until such time we could no longer run on our own.


My dream boy. He will be my husband and the proud father of our would-be children. Of course, we can’t dictate the future and whom God will give to us. We have to learn to accept that sometimes things may not happen the way we want them to.


But maybe. Just maybe. He could be you. 🙂

A sequel is born!

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