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The Zippy Zambawood

The Zippy Zambawood

We often find ourselves hurrying to get into the next chapter of our lives. We sometimes seek the end even before the beginning commences. Our world concerns many things which mostly do not deserve our time and attention – stuff that either not only depresses us but also makes us miss what really matters in life. 

Sometimes, it is also good to drop whatever we are doing and just run off to paradise. I was given the blessing of experiencing paradise in a short but rather sweet getaway. Two weekends ago, I have been a witness to the birth of a vision worth mentioning. 

Zambawood is a hidden paradise nestled on the shores of La Paz, San Narciso, Zambales facing the churning waters of the West Philippine sea. Owned by Mr. and Mrs. Rachel Harrison, the former a banker and the latter an architect, they built this modern beach vacation house specially suited for their middle child, Julyan, who has very special needs.

Zambawood promotes healthy living and eating. Experience being a farmer! You will learn to appreciate what they do once you get the hang of it. Above photo shows Julyan and his caretaker, Kuya Dante.

One of Zambawood’s admirable advocacy is supporting the local industry.
They hire locals as their employees. 
Romantic candlelit dinner
Chef Martin preparing our lunch en grande

We got easily acquainted and quickly felt at home upon meeting the very bubbly and warm Ms. Rachel. The breeze coming from the not-so-far seas kissed our tired cheeks as well. The whole house was a sight to behold. Every corner and nook seemed to be bursting with life – colorful, chic, loud but laid back at the same time. The vacation home turned resort is definitely cool on the eyes.  

Living room
Dining hall and a view of the infinity pool
Your blogger with Ms. Rachel Harrison

After settling down and an exchange of a brief introduction, we were served a very sumptuous lunch – coupled with Ms. Rachel’s very interesting tales of her growing up years, traveling and family life. The owners have three male children. Julyan, now an adult at 21 years old – is a special needs child. Ms. Rachel enthralled us with her amazing journey on how to possibly give her children, specially Julyan, the best things life can offer. The road was tough and sometimes she may felt like giving up. But as I listened to her stories, I knew that such thought never came to her mind as she would do anything for her children – and Julyan’s current state is a testament of that success. 

Who would not be enticed to dig in when this awaits you?

While the whole family is now based in Singapore, they still come home every now and then. However, most of the time the house is empty so they thought of finally sharing the Zambawood experience to the public. What is the Zambawood experience you may ask. Let the photographs below do the talking for you.

Comfy much? This room is absolutely lovelier at night

When you are all done dreaming, your whole family or group could simply relax at the living room with a gracious view of the infinity pool. Male members of the family could play billiards or watch action movies at the nearby entertainment area.
You could also just sit at the counter and watch as the Zambawood staff prepare your mouth-watering dishes for the day. Who would not feel special with this kind of service? And then, once you see how the meals are presented, you have to truly think of creative ways how to down all of them.
Salty cheese, fine wine and crunchy flakes go perfectly together 🙂
Made specially for us during our visit by Chef Martin Bakunawa

Just think how you would chow all of this in one sitting

Time seems to stop when you are in Zambawood – and the best time to spend the lazy afternoons is right on the beach. They can prepare an open beach tent for their visitors, just like what they did for us. It was the perfect place for building new friendships, dreaming of the future or just simply being happy. 

Isn’t it romantic?
You know what comes in my mind? A beach wedding proposal. <3

Zambawood has redefined my concept of paradise. It does not need to always be a picture of nature, of waterfalls or anywhere remote. Paradise is home and home is where is your family is. Zambawood is definitely just like home for me.

Zambawood is on Facebook and on Instagram – @Zambawood
Purok 1B, Barrio a Paz, San Narciso, Zambales
+639159914715 | +639276730827
For reservations and inquires, you may contact the following persons:

Sid Grumo | PR and Markerting – sid@zambawood.com 
Ivy Gonzaga | Special Events – ivy@zambawood.com 
Ken Nuñez | Prices and Availability –ken@zambawood.com 

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