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Vigan’s Love Story

Vigan’s Love Story

Dear Readers,

As you all know I am a romantic at heart. I couldn’t help it but I need to write this down before emotions turn me into a hot pile of bubbling liquid. Calle Crisologo is astounding in daylight.  But when night marries the day, it is absolutely a different story.

Rows and rows of old ancestral homes line this centuries-old street. Marred only by the constant hopping of horse carriages and captured in stills by every curious visitor, I wondered back then if every one who come this way feel the feelings I feel (Okay, I know it is redundant).  

I wanted to cry. I wanted to hug these enormous abode. I needed to simply feel them. For me they are not just houses made of adobe, or stone or what not. They are living testaments of the love that has lived through the centuries. Memories born out of love.

You see, my friend Edmar shared such a love story. A Japanese commander (hope am right) fell in love with an Ilocana. He ordered Vigan spared from the war as he did not want to see the life of his love in ruins. In my eyes, I think his heart would not be able to take it if she would perish because of his doings.

As I walk along Calle Crisologo, I could feel his love – echoing, emanating, encompassing every facet of what might have been. I am sure wherever he is, he is happy to see that his sacrifice is meant to last forever. These old homes of Vigan, standing tall and proud, are mute witnesses to such great love – the greatest love a man could give to a woman.

So next time you visit
Vigan, try to look at it in a different light.  Walk along Calle Crisologo at midnight, stand still for a minute, close your eyes, take a deep breath.  Smile slowly and feel the love around you, within you.  Feel the great power of love. Of what it can do for you and for the one you love.

Pondering Paodaolei

This post is my official entry to Pinoy Travel Blogger’s May 2014 Blog Carnival Themed ‘Luzon Lovapalooza‘. Hosted by Mervin a.k.a. Pinoy Adventurista.

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